Girls Jelly Sandals

Little girls and big girls alike will appreciate the retro look of these totally-on-trend wholesale jelly sandals from Danco Footwear. Kids will be able to step straight off the catwalk and into a rock pool in these supremely versatile shoes, which are as suitable for parties as they are for the beach. Girls’ jelly sandals from Danco are available in a wide range of styles, including:
Blossom Black, Coral and White
Picnic Fuchsia, Black and White
Sandy Fuchsia, Black and Coral
There’s only one thing better than style and that’s affordability. Danco Kids’ long years of experience providing wholesale jelly sandals and other footwear to the retail industry means we know all too well how important it is to get the best possible prices. Not only do we ensure that our shoes are affordable but they’re available in packs of up to 18, which means you’ll be able to pass the savings on to your customers.
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Wholesale Junior Girls Rubber sandal with delicate chain detail.
Sizes 12.5 - 4 . Price £3.99 per pair.

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