29-07-2011 | Shoes for Nigerian weddings

Alfredo Isabella Quality Italian Shoes & Matching Bag that make a lady stand out at any occasion.   

The relevance of shoes and bags to a lady's wardrobe, the pride of place the Nigerian woman ... When you step out after wearing the right shoes with a handbag to match, people look at you with respect; every other thing comes after that.

When you wear  our designer Rsb shoe and matching bag set in appropriate colours , that itself will portray you as a lady; because the shoes and the bag you carry tell who you are in terms of class, fashion sense and style. Our 
Shoes are attractive and glamorous; they equally stand the test of time. As you flip the pages of Agoo Magazine you will see some of our distinguised well dressed Ghanaian and Nigerian  ladies wearing our latest collection of Shoe and Bag sets .  

Our shoes are comfortable in size, quality and value, you will walk well and look highly impressive.  

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