09-07-2014 | If the Shoe Fits #3: Jelly Shoes, Man Sandals and Pharrell's New Trainers

Hello there lovers of all things footwear ! Welcome to this week's “If the Shoe Fits” round up where, once a month, we bring you the very best in flip-flops, jelly shoes, kitten heels and clodhoppers from right across the world and web. 
This week take a peak at Pharrell's new collaboration with Adidas, discover which childhood favourite shoes is making a grown up comeback and discover the recipe for the perfect pair of man sandals. But first...

Discover the World's Biggest Personal Shoe Collection

Welcome to Jordy Geller's “Shoeseum”. This sneaker fanatic owns 2,388 pairs of trainers – entering him into the Guinness World Record book in 2013 as the owner of the World's Largest Sneaker collection. We picked up on this story though the equally trainer-addicted Whitney Alexandra of Style Alexandra – an excellent source of chic sneaker news and know-how – particularly if you're a regular Nike devotee.

“Sneakers” of the Week

 “Not your average” fashion maven Skool Girl and professional trend-spotter Madame Hunter are not the only people getting excited about Pharrell Williams' new Stan Smith trainer collaboration with Adidas.. Here at Danco we're also next-to-obsessed with the musician's recent dabbling in the fashionable footwear world.

It just so happens that Mr Williams is wearing our official “Sneakers” of the Week this week– and yes, they're from his new, hand-drawn Adidas line. To add the icing to the cake, these (admittedly pricey) pieces of footwear art are being sold to support Pharrell's children's charity – From One Hand to AnOTHER.

Jelly Sandals: The Grown Up Summer Trend

You might associate jelly shoes with long family holidays near the beach and begging your mum for a sparkly pair aged 8, but jelly shoes have undergone a revolution since then. Now, they're for grown ups. That's right, jelly sandals have officially come of age and they're soon to be packed in a summer suitcase on an airport baggage carousel near you! The always cool Fullee Fabulous has the full low-down and some very tempting examples to show you!

How to Wear: Man Sandals

Is there any item of footwear more contentious than the man sandal? Toe hair-exposing, outfit-ruining, sock-eschewing – these tricky summer shoes are a challenge. Yet, get your summer sandals right, gentlemen, and you stand to look a whole lot more continental and handsome all round, we assure you. Plus, a man sandal is an awful lot kinder to hot, summer feet than a pair of trainers. Fashion Beans' very own toe cleavage-flaunting Alex Woodhall has some excellent examples to inspire you, plus some very helpful advice to help you find the perfect pair. For instance:

• Always choose leather over plastic
• Spend a little more for extra style and substance points
• Steer well clear of flip flops

Are you a fan of a man sandal? Will you be picking up a pretty pair of jelly shoes this summer? Does your shoe collection rival Jordy's “Shoeseum”? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your ideas, input and inspiration with our readers below.

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