28-04-2014 | Summer 2014 expected to be the busiest for wholesale footwear

As the Easter rush dies down, and planning for summer begins, it is worth noting that this summer could well be the busiest summer for footwear retailers across the country.

According to recent reports, retail sales have been on the 
increase in the UK, and experts are forecasting strong growth over the next 3 months into the second quarter which means that demand for your footwear will be increasing if you have the right styles in your shop and the relevant sizes for your target market.


Further to this, this year we are expected to see the hottest UK summer season on record. This will also add pressure on your stock levels so getting to your local wholesaler will be even more essential.  Sales of sandals, party shoes and dress shoes are all expected to increase up until September.


Wholesalers will be increasing prices as the summer kicks in, so make sure you get to your local footwear wholesaler before prices increase in May.

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kids footwear wholesaler. We have been actively trading for 22 years and are based in Shoreditch, London. For the best childrens wholesale shoes, visit us here or email us -

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