10-03-2014 | 3 ways to be prepare your business for the summer footwear rush

The summer is around the corner, so making sure that your business is ready for the increase in custom, is vital to ensure that you stay ahead of your rivals in 2014. Our experts at Danco Footwear have come up with 3 ways in which you can best prepare yourself for the footwear rush. 

1) Make sure you are well informed of the latest fashions. Attend footwear exhibitions such as MODA and PURE, to enable you to know what is in fashion and how you can utilise it to make money for your business. 

2) Order well in advance. Wholesalers will take 60-90 days to manufacture and deliver orders, so make sure you order as soon as you return from the footwear shows in March. This allows you to choose well in advance and have the latest ranges in stock by the June rush. 

3) Advertise and promote your range whenever and wherever possible. Keeping regular updates on your websites and holding a strong social media presence benefits your business immensley as you can address any customer enquiries and also allows you to promote any offers and latest ranges as they arrive in store.

Danco Footwear are a well renowned wholesale shoe supplier and kids footwear wholesaler. We have been actively trading for 22 years and are based in Shoreditch, London. For the best childrens wholesale shoes, visit us here or email us -

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