03-03-2014 | 3 ways to make sure your customers are buying the right childrens shoes

Children's shoe retailers across the world have one main objective. To sell the right shoe to their customer. Now as a wholesale chidrens shoe supplier, we all know that will not always happen, but it is always good to be prepared with the best possible advice to any questions or queries that customers may throw at you. 

Our experts at Danco Footwear have come up with three ways in which you can help your customer pick the right shoe for them:
  •  Make sure you have the correct shoe measuring equipment. It goes without saying that most people may know roughly what their shoe size is but that can change over time and also during the day. This will allow you to check your stock so you don't show them shoes which will not come in their size.
  •  Allow your customers to have a walk and check their feet for pronation. This will allow you to give insoles to correct any over-arching in the shoes. Make sure you have a range of arches to support all types of shoes, so in the long term, your shoes will withstand the effects of any feet related damage to the shoe.
  •  Make sure the toe area of the shoe is loose and the middle area is firm. There is nothing worse than having a tight toe area, which can lead to blisters and bruising over long use. Children's feet will grow so some leeway must me given to allow feet to move in their own way. The middle area should be firm so it supports the arch during use. 

Danco Footwear are a well renowned wholesale shoe supplier and kids footwear wholesaler. We have been actively trading for 22 years and are based in Shoreditch, London. For the best childrens wholesale shoes, visit us here or email us -

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